Be Who You Are Tutorial


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permission by me. This tutorial was designed and written by me; any resemblance to any other
tutorial is purely coincidental.


You may drag this text and drop it where you stop to keep your place in the tutorial.

I stopped here.


Supplies needed


Paint Shop Pro - I used version 9 but this should also work with newer versions as well.
You also need a tube.  I used this tube of a Native American Shaman I made from a picture I took.  If you would like to use it, it is available here.


Note: This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of paint shop pro.

Let's begin
1. Open a new transparent file, 500 x 500. Add new raster layer. Flood fill layer with color. (I used #08905E)
2. choose the oil brush tool, and set it to Pastel and use the following settings:

                                                  size: 35 rotation: 9

3. Make random lines with different colors.   Below, you can see the colors I used, and the lines I made.  If you are using a version below 9, you should be able to use the air brush to get similar lines.
4. Adjust>blur>Radial blur with the following settings.

        Blur type: twirl, strength: 50, twirl degrees: 0 Horizontal offset: 0
        Vertical offset: 0 Protect center: 0

5. Open your tube, edit>copy, close the tube. 
Go to the background image, edit>paste>paste as new layer.
Move tube to one side of the square.
6. Apply a drop shadow with the following settings

Vertical: 9, Horizontal: 14
Opacity: 40, Blur: 10.00, color black

7. Merge>merge all (flatten)
8. Image>resize to 85%
9. Image>Add borders use a 3 pixel symmetrical border with the color black

       symmetric checked - size 3 pixels, color black.

10. Using magic wand, click on the black.  effects>3-D>inner bevel use the following settings

Width: 8, Bevel: 2, Smoothness: 0, Depth:20, Ambiance: 0
Shininess: 23, Color: white, Angle: 315, Intensity: 50, Elevation: 30

11. Add a second border, with 30 pixels, color white, symmetric checked.
Click on border with magic wand to select.
12. Choose effects>reflection effects>Kaleidoscope with the following settings:

           DO NOT DESELECT

13. Promote background layer, edit>copy, paste>paste as new layer.  You should now have 2 layers. Click off (click on eye) of top most layer to make invisible. Use magic wand to choose the white areas in the pattern. Merge>merge visible
14. Click effects>reflection effects>Pattern, use the random setting until you find the one you like.
15. Unhide top layer.   Using magic wand, click on the white areas and delete them.  Do not deselect.  Apply cutout with the following settings:

Vertical: 10, Horizontal: 10, Opacity: 50, Blur 5.00

Repeat with -10, -10  Deselect.

16. Using magic wand and holding down shift, click on the corners.   Apply an inner bevel with the same settings as #10.
17. Merge>merge all.
18. Add text.   You can use the words I used, or use your own.  If you used my tube, please put the following copyright information on it:
  " 2008 Naturelady Designs" - I generally use a 50% opacity on my copyright info.  Add your watermark - but do NOT put any other  copyright info on it.
19. You're done!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.
If you have questions or comments, please feel free to email me here.


Copyright 2008 Naturelady Designs
All Rights Reserved