Father's Day Tryptic

Written by Debi Jarrell

You are not allowed to put this lesson on any web site. Do not forward this lesson without
permission by me. This tutorial was designed and written by me; any resemblance to any other
tutorial is purely coincidental.

This lesson is 2008 Naturelady Designs 2008

You may drag this text and drop it where you stop to keep your place in the tutorial. I stopped here

Supplies Needed

Paint Shop Pro - I used version 8.1 but this should also work with newer versions as well.
3 related tubes. I used 3 tubes from PCCrafter's Father's Day by Dwight Kirkland which you can
purchase here .
You will need the mask found
here. You also need a gold gradient (or you can use silver)

All settings remain the same unless otherwise stated.
This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of paint shop pro.

I had divided the tutorial into 2 sections. The first section will create each individual block and the
second section will put them together in the larger block. You will need to make sure that the tubes
you choose to use are related to the same subject, and that the colors do not clash. You will repeat
the small block 3 times to create 3 different blocks so make sure the backgrounds on each block
are different and do not clash. I like bold colors so I chose red, blue and green. If you are doing 3
different delicate flowers, you may want to choose 3 pastels or something on that idea.

Put the mask in your mask folder.
If you do not have a gold gradient installed, you will need to install one.

Let's begin.

Small block (make 3 different ones)

1. Open your choice of tube. Choose a color that does not blend in but
compliments your graphic. You want to remember that it will be a background
to show off your tube. Minimize your tube for now.

2.Open a new transparent file, 200 x 200. Add new raster layer. Flood fill layer with color.

3. Layers>load/save mask>load mask from disk. Find 100504A by Sam in the drop down.
Use the following settings:

Source Luminance, fit to canvas, show all of mask, invert transparency NOT checked.

Click load.

4. Right click on the mask layer on the layer pallet and choose delete.

The above message asks if you want to merge. Click yes.
Right click on the group layer and choose Merge>merge group.

5. Add a drop shadow with the following settings:

3, 3, 75, 20 color black

6. Activate your selection tool. Choose custom selection:

And use the following settings:

Left: 40, Top: 40, Right: 160, Bottom: 160

Click ok.

7. Maximize your tube, edit>copy you may close the tube. Highlight your block,
Choose edit>paste>paste into selection. Deselect.
Add a drop shadow with the same settings as #5

8. Merge>merge visible.

Large block

1. Open a new transparent file, 670 x 240. Flood fill layer with a color which complimentary to all of the squares.

2. One by one, copy the small blocks, and past as new layers on the big squares, and arrange evenly. Merge>merge all flatten.

3. Add borders: Top: 10, Left, Right & Bottom: 0 Color gray

4. Add borders: Top: 60, right left bottom: 0 color white

5. Add borders: top, right, left, and bottom: 5 same color as 3 (gray).

6. Click on gray with the magic wand, Flood Fill the gray area with gold.

7. Apply an inner bevel with the following settings:

Bevel 11, width: 20, smoothness: 30, Depth: 19, Ambience: 15
Shininess: 91, angle: 319, Intensity: 30, elevation: 30

8. Selection>Invert

9. Effects>3D-Effects>cutout with the following settings:

Vertical & horizontal: 2, Opacity: 80, Blur: 15 color: black Repeat with vertical & Horizontal: -2

10. Add text. I used Bickley Script, size: 48, stroke width: 0.5, create text as vector,
Using the color #9D5C32. Position text, convert layer to raster,
Add drop shadow with the following settings:

Vertical & Horizontal: 3, Opacity 75, Blur:10 color:black

Merge>merge all

11. Add in any copyright information you need to add per the artists terms, and add your watermark, and you are done!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.
If you have questions or comments, please feel free to email me here.

Copyright 2008 Debi Jarrell
All Rights Reserved