here's another fix for some sticky filters that the script will stop at.    If you open the file that you recorded with your effects by clicking on the text editor button in screen shot below you will see something like this.  I used EC4 cuz I don't have FiltersUnlimited     Change the word Interactive (in red ) to Default and it will not stop at the filter and will use the last settings

 # Eye Candy 4000_Corona
    App.Do( Environment, 'Eye Candy 4000_Corona', {
            'GeneralSettings': {
                'ExecutionMode': App.Constants.ExecutionMode.Interactive,
                'AutoActionMode': App.Constants.AutoActionMode.Match,
                'Version': ((9,0,0),1)

If you click the edit script button, you will get something that looks like this:



Change all of them to silent and it will run and apply just fine.

so now that you have a working script I would open it up like you're editing and "SAVE AS" and change the file name to something like TJP-MakeTagTEMPLATE.PspScript...that way you have one to open for each tag and will know where you need to make changes and the correct format....
no it doesn't matter...but don't forget to edit the add vector text script that you create.
you have to add a line of commands towards the beginning of the script and down towards the bottom after the word Characters.
It tells you in the .pdf file that came with the zip.....but we're here to help if it still doesn't work for you.
If you need more help, please attach your script files, along with the list of names, and the blank tag so we can have a look and double check the edits n' stuff!

I have my text aligned right and it's centering it when I run the script...what am I missing????????
The script runs fine...just doesn't align correctly.
This was actually pretty easy to fix once I got the chance to mess with it. It just seems that when you recorded the text it was too far to the right, and the script thought it didn't fit so it was moving it over.
I just recorded the add text script again. I added some guides to the template image to show you where I clicked while recording to get the text where it is. With the text on right justify, I clicked where the two guides come together. I tried to get the text to go a bit closer to the edge, but it kept wanting to move them, this is as close as I could get.
Here is what the new tags look like:



# If a tag name is too long to fit on the image and it is not text on a path, then the tag maker
# will resize the tag to fit. Unfortunately, the resizing re-positions the text so it has to be
# moved back to the right place. This next variable is for you to tell the tag maker if it should
# move the text so the left side of the text is where it was before resizing, or the right side of the
# text is where it was before resizing or if it should be moved so the centre positions match.
# This is required and the possible values are L for Left, R for Right and C for Centre
strVerticalTextReposition = "R"
It is down towards the bottom of the parts that you edit. If it is set to C - it can center the text when you really don't want it to.

The run quick script button gives me an error code when I use that
it says
 File not found"

Since you already have the script open and all.  The other one (folder with the arrow) brings up the entire folder for you to find the script and select it. 
If you are getting that error then you don't have your preferences set up properly so that PSP knows where to look.
Did you make a seperate folder in your computer for the new script  you downloaded.  It doesn't go with the other Resctricted or Trusted files?

Script can not be loaded Error  -  usually it means that the script is not being seen by PSP which means you need to check your file preference locations.  or, somethigs corrupt and you should download the zip again!

file:///C:/Documents and Settings/Owner/Desktop/page/TestTag

Did you make sure to set up an seperate folder (away from the Scripts-Trusted or Restricted) for this new script and for the tag you are making.
I have a folder in My Documents called Tags Only then a subfolder under that for each tag that I offer.  I unzipped the make tag script files into the Tags Only directly. (Make sure you tell PSP to check this new file location under Files\Preferences\FileLocations then click add and find the folder you made.  Make sure the SubFolders is ticked ).

The quick script temp was mine - sorry didn't mean to confuse you, I didn't realize it was in there. If you got the package from the site yesterday you have the same one that I linked you to, not sure why the link wouldn't work but that is OK.
At the bottom of page 3 in the PDF is where you need to start following the directions. If you have been offline since before Christmas - then this script is totally new to you. It is quite a bit different than the old one in that you do NOT put the script that you downloaded into your PSP files at all. That is why you need to read the whole PDF, but you can start at the bottom of page 3 and won't miss anything.