This lesson was written by me on May 7, 2008. Any resemblance to any other lesson Is merely
coincidental. You may use this tutorial for personal use only. Please do not distribute in groups, post on a
website or send via Email without permission by me. This tutorial is copyrighted by me. Please do not
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Debi Jarrell

To do this lesson, you need Paint Shop Pro - any version, although this is done in version 8.
You can get it here. You may use the tube of roses and my background from photographs I took
which are available here.

You will need a metallic silver gradient. You may use a silver gradient that come with PSP,
or you may find more here , here and here.

You also need the Simple filter which is available here.

Step 1
Open background.JPG in PSP. Duplicate (Shift-D) and close original.
(If you are using a different graphic background than mine, you need to resize your background to 375 x 500 pixels.)

Step 2

Add new raster layer

Step 3

Click on Selections in your tool bar Click on custom selection (see below)
Use the following settings:

Left: 175 Top: 100 Right: 350 Bottom: 450

Step 4

Open Roses.psp, edit>copy close original.
Edit>paste>paste into selection Selection>Select none.

Step 5

Effects>3d effects> drop shadow Use the following settings:

Vertical: 0, horizontal: 5, Opacity:90, blur: 40, color: #527FF6
Repeat with:
Vertical: 0, horizontal: -5, Opacity:90, blur: 40, color: #527FF6

Step 6

Layers>merge>Merge all (flatten)

Step 7

Image>Add Borders use the following settings:

Symmetric, 5, white

Step 8

With magic wand, select the border. Fill with the metallic silver gradient. Do not deselect yet.

Step 9

Effects>3D>Inner Bevel. Use the following settings:

Bevel #2, Width: 10, Smoothness: 24, Depth: 10,
Ambience: 0, Shininess: 40, Angle: 315, Intensity: 40
Elevation: 30, Color: White

Selections>select none

Layers>merge all

Step 10

Image> add borders use the following settings:

Symmetric, 30, color: White

Step 11

Using the magic wand tool, select the white border.
(If you find that part of your silver border is chosen by accident, You can do the same by choosing
Selection>Select all, Selection>modify>contract 30, Selection>invert)

Step 12

Choose Effects>plugins>simple>zoom out and flip Do not deselect.

Step 13

Effects>Texture effects>fur and use the following settings:

Blur: 25, Density: 90, Length: 11, Transparency: 44

Step 14

Effects>3d>Inner Bevel, use the settings in step 9.

Selections>select none.

Step 15

Image>add borders

Symmetric, 5 , white

Select border with the magic wand, Fill with black, apply the same bevel as in Step 9

(Adding text)

Step 16

Choose a color and set as both foreground and background. (I chose #FF752A)

Choose your font. (I used Bickley Script) Use the following settings:

Font size: 48, stroke width: 1.0, Anti Alias checked, and create as a vector (this is important).

Type in "Happy Birthday" or whatever text you wish to say.

Step 17

Move your text, and using the "handle" turn the text to about a 45 degree angle. (see below)

Step 18

Layer>convert to raster layer (or right click on the vector layer and choose convert to raster layer)

Selection>select all, selection> float

Step 19

Effects>3D>inner bevel
Apply the same inner bevel setting as in Step 9.

Step 20

Effect>3d> drop shadow using the following settings:

Vertical: 0, Horizontal: 5, Opacity: 100, Blur: 10 Color: #527FF6

Apply twice.

Selections>select none

Layers>merge>merge all

Resize if you like. You may add your own watermark but do not remove my copyright notice.

If you use your own tube and background, please try to have them resized to similar size before
doing the tutorial. If you do not, the custom selection will not work properly. If you still wish to use different
sized tubes, then add the tube to a new layer and move using the move tool to the same
approximate location.

Hope you enjoyed doing this tutorial. If you have comments or questions, Please email me here.