Pop Up Card

I haven't done this project yet, but I've worked out the adaptations.


By replacing the stamps in this pop-up card tutorial with digital images, you can successfully make this card.

Print each part of the card on separate sheets, cut out, and assemble. The base is 4 1/4 inches by 8 1/2 inches so, the first thing you do is to open a new image using a resolution of 100 P/I. Change your units to inches. Since 1/4 inch is also .25 inch, 4 1/4 becomes 4.25, and 8 1/2 becomes 8.5. It is IMPORTANT to make sure your resolution is 100 Pixels per Inch (PI or P/I) because this will ensure that the card will print EXACTLY as you make it with the EXACT same size.

resources here

(PSP only: copy PspSelection files to your selections folder in PSP - mine is MyPSP8 Files)
(PS, PSE- I'm sorry, I don't have a way to make the equivalent of selection files for you. I have tried to tell you what you need to do manually)

Card outside: (4.25x 8.5 inches)

Open popupcard back.png, add new layer (psp only - selection>load selection from disk choose 4.25by4.25 card front) (PS & PSE - you will need to make a 4.25x4.25 square within the template at the bottom)
It is imperative that you are working on the bottom half of the card as it will be the front of the card when you are done.
Make your design on the bottom half - be sure that you put your individual elements etc on individual layers so you can move them around. At the end, you will merge all the layers to flatten into a JPG for printing.
To make a pop-out front part (like the front above), there are 2 ways to do that - one is to print the card 2 times and cut out the part you want to pop-up, the other is to leave that part out of the design, but remember to leave space for it, then print it separately, cut and attach. To give the dimension, you have to use dimensional foam dots (found in scrapbooking shops and craft shops)
Print out on (110lb) heavy card stock. Be careful printing because heavy card stock CAN stick inside the printer because it's harder to bend. Set aside.

Card inside (4.0x8.25 inches)

Open popupcard inside, add new layer. Use magic wand to select inside of card, fill with background color. Merge all>flatten
(psp only:Add new layer, fill with black or other color darker than your background (these will be your cutouts). Use selection>load selection from disk choose popoutcut, hit delete merge all)
(PS & PSE: you will be manually cutting 2 2 1/4 inch slits 3/8 inch apart directly on your background layer)
Print out on medium or light card stock - it should be heavier than paper, but lighter than the background cardstock. You could probably use multipurpose photo paper - the cheap stuff. Cut out - use exacto knife to cut the slits - (make sure that the 1 pixel color is not there - psp only).

Print out images you want to pop up. These should also be printed on the same weight paper as the card inside. Cut out.
Fold both card pieces exactly in half. With the card inside, push the paper between slits out (refer to link above steps 1-3)
Using strong adhesive tape or other adhesive (I would not use glue as glue can curl the card), adhere the card inside to the card outside. Glue on all the pop outs. (refer to above link)

Let dry and you're done.