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Debi Jarrell

To do this lesson, you need Paint Shop Pro - any version, although this is done in version 8. You can get it here.
You need the bird and blue-power-mass tubes (zip included). You also need Simple filter which is available here and is free.

Step 1
Open a new 400x400
Step 2
Flood fill with a light color
Step 3
Open blue-power-mass, edit>copy, Edit>paste as new layer on your working canvas. Minimize original.
Step 4
Effects> Plugins>Simple>4 way average
Step 5
Effects> Plugins>Simple>pizza slice mirror
Step 6
Effects> Plugins>Simple>center tile
Maximize blue power mass edit>copy paste as new layer on your working Canvas.
Step 8
Adjust>color balance>manual color correction and use the following settings.

R: 0 G: 0 B: 192 Source #668EFF Target #C0C0C0
Step 9
Open bird, edit>copy, edit>paste as a new layer, close original. (Image needs to be resized)
Step 10
Effects> 3d effects> drop shadow Use these settings:

Vertical: 5 Horizontal: 5 Opacity: 75 blur 12
Step 11
Layers>merge>layrts>merge>merge all>Flatten
Step 12
Image>add borders, use the following settings:

(I used #FBFF6F)
Step 13
Click on the yellow border with your magic wand.
Step 14
Effects>3d effects> inner bevel and use the following settings:

Selections>select none

If you wish to put words or a name, put it on now, and use the same Drop shadow as in step 10.

Add new raster layer, apply your watermark on the work, merge>merge all>Flatten And you're done!

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions you can email me here.

Copyright 2008 Debi Jarrell
All Rights Reserved